Julia Hart
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Bard College Berlin
Julia Hart has been part of the guest faculty at Bard College Berlin since the fall of 2013. Her theater courses include:
Introduction to American and German Theater (Fall 2013)
Bertolt Brecht: The Study and Staging of Epic Theater (Spring 2015)
Performances and Practices of Postdramatic Theatre in Germany (Fall 2015)
FAUST (Spring 2017)
21st Century German Theatre (Fall 2017)
Theatre and the State in Germany (Fall 2018)
Elfriede Jelinek and Postdramatic Theatre (Spring 2019)
Performance Workshops for the Bard Summer Theater Intensive:

Public Schools
Julia has taught theater for the past two years at Gymnasium Dörpsweg (Dörpweg Middle and High School) and directed the following plays there: "Punk Rock" by Simon Stephens, "A Christmas Story" by Charles Dickens, and "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.

Since 2012 Julia Hart has created performances with students at the following Hamburg schools: Forsmannstraße Elementary School, Gyula Trebitsch Middle School Tonndorf und Thadenstraße Elementary School.